Our Mission

At Kids Luv Yoga SF, our mission is to bring yoga and mindfulness to children and families in San Francisco and beyond.  We believe in the power of yoga, and wish to create a community and a new generation of children with the skills to grow up with healthy habits, strong bodies, and open minds.  We all have a light that deserves to shine, and Kids Luv Yoga SF classes encourage just that; Little Lights, Shining Bright!

Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Kids whom practice yoga have been found to have better concentration, more emotional regulation, spacial awareness and self esteem. At the preschool age, kids are learning fine and gross motor skills, and a ton of self-calming techniques such as deep breathing and focus... and of course we have lots of fun learning yoga poses, songs, and games!  Each week, the yoga classes will build upon the last, with new and exciting lessons based upon certain themes and seasons.  Kids will practice in a safe, nurturing environment to gain optimal benefit from the poses and techniques. 

Juliana Rieger, Founder & Executive Director

As sole owner and Executive Director, Juliana Rieger has developed a unique yoga program which emerges from her studies with It’s Yoga Kids (Kids Yoga Certification, 2012),  Yoga Tree (200-Hour Teacher Certification 2015), and expert guidance from Yaya Yoga Ca.  Juliana has been working with children for 10+ years, and is dedicated to bringing mindfulness, strength, relaxation, and FUN to kids through the practice of joyful and safe yoga classes.  Juliana believes that yoga is a gift that everybody can benefit from.  Her classes are thoughtfully crafted for kids to attain full benefit and fun from the poses, songs, breathing, and lessons.  

RYT, 200 hour, Yoga Tree, San Francisco, 2015

Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, It's Yoga, Kids, 2012

CPR Certified

Fully Insured

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